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Independent from and in addition to the Product Warranties provided by the component manufacturers and any warranties implied or specified under Australian Consumer Law, HSEA backs all its systems with a Full 5 year “Whole of System” Warranty which includes on-site rectification.


What we cover:

If during the first five years of operation, your system suffers a fault or defect in relation to the products supplied or the installation workmanship, then HSEA will rectify your system at no cost to you. A standard minimum retailer’s warranty period of five years on the operation and


performance of the whole solar PV system, including workmanship and products. HSEA will also repair any damage or leaks caused by it or its contractors during the installation process, subject to HSEA being notified of such damage as soon as you become aware of, or should have reasonably become aware, of the damage.

This covers all related costs in relation to repair and/or replacement of components and/or damage and the associated on-site labour.


Conditions and what are not covered:

Damage caused to the system by weather or natural events (we recommend that you have your solar system covered under a home insurance policy to cover such events).


Fault or damage caused by external factors or events (for example vandalism).


Faults or damage caused by tampering with or repair or modification by a party other than HSEA.


Items that are visual in nature or do not affect the performance of the system.


Faults or damage caused by the electricity grid.


Non-compliance with operating instructions.


Incidental or consequential loss in relation to a fault or defect.



What happens after 5 years:

In the event of a fault or defect, you can still rely on the product warranties provided by the manufacturers of the components supplied as part of the system (for example, the 25-year performance



warranty associated with Solar Panels). HSEA will always act as a mediator between the consumer and manufacturer to help the consumer issues or queries.


HSEA is your first point of contact and will aid in obtaining warranty resolution from the relevant manufacturer.


Many of the products we supply come with an on-site labour warranty (proving coverage after 5 years). You should consult the relevant warranty documentation in relation to the specific products you are considering determining if labour is covered after 5 years. Product Warranty documents are given in your solar Installation Documents or else you can request from HSEA.



Types of warranties under Australian Consumer Law


These warranties are always provided in addition to the consumer guarantees and do not override or limit


consumers’ rights under the ACL. Consumers may be entitled to a repair, replacement or refund even


after any voluntary warranty or extended


warranty has expired.



Express warranties

We provide you an express warranty, under the consumer guarantees we guarantee that the goods will


meet this warranty. If such a claim does not hold true, the consumer can assert their rights under the


consumer guarantees.


Warranties against defects

Under the ACL, ‘warranties against defects’ is described as A warranty against defects is a representation communicated to a consumer, at or around the time that goods or services are supplied, that if the goods or services (or part of them) are defective, HSEA will:


  • repair or replace goods (or part of them)


  • resupply or fix a problem with services (or part of them)
  • provide compensation to the consumer.


  • that any benefits provided to the consumer by the warranty is in addition to any other rights and remedies available to them under the law.


Extended warranties

HSEA offer extended warranties to lengthen the coverage of their basic manufacturer’s warranty (also known as a warranty against defects). Usually, consumers are offered the chance to buy an extended



warranty after, or at the time, they buy the goods. The consumer guarantees provide rights that exist despite anything the supplier or manufacturer may say or do. Extended warranties are optional. HSEA acknowledge that it will not:


  • use undue pressure or unfair tactics to get a consumer to buy an extended warranty


  • mislead a consumer into paying for rights that they already have under the consumer guarantees.



HSEA acknowledges that When selling extended warranties, HSEA will explain to the consumer what an extended warranty would provide, over and above the consumer’s rights under the consumer guarantees to minimise the risk of misleading the consumer. HSEA acknowledges that it will not mislead the consumers into thinking they are receiving additional benefits when they are not.


Guarantees applying to goods

HSEA and a manufacturer guarantee that:


  • goods are of acceptable quality


  • goods will match any description provided


  • any express warranties will be honoured.



HSEA guarantees that a consumer is buying




  • that have clear title, unless otherwise stated


  • that do not have undisclosed securities


  • that are fit for any disclosed purpose


  • with a right to undisturbed possession


  • that match the sample or demonstration model provided.

A manufacturer guarantees the availability of repairs and spare parts (other than for auctioned goods).


Therefor HSEA affirm that in any issues relating to consumer queries regarding performance guarantees, warranties and after sales service will be unbiased and responsive to resolve the issues.


After-Sales services


We set high standards for our products as they have a significant impact on our Customer’s quality of life. This makes the expectations for our after-sales service correspondingly high. We dedicate ourselves to maintaining the high functionality and safety of our products here. We carry out maintenance and repairs, assist you with replacement fittings, advise you regarding service intervals and offer you guarantee with various terms for numerous products.



High service quality


Extensive experience and ongoing cooperation with our partners serve as the basis for the quality of our services. A mutual exchange helps us continually improve our services and the corresponding processes. This is the only way to develop and maintain the trust and confidence of our partners and users.


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