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Technical Support

On this page, you will may find quick answers and solutions to your technical issues.
Usually when there is fault within the solar system, the fault will likely be in the accessories (DC, AC breakers and parts) or inverter. If you have a technical issue, please go through the quick solutions and shutdown procedure below. If the system still does not work after you have followed the shutdown procedure, please submit the Service Request form with completed information. We will assist all customers by lodging a claim to the manufacturer on behalf of the customer. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the manufacturer’s website to lodge a claim.


  •  ABB Australia          1800 769 663    
  •  FRONIUS                       03 8340 2900       
  •  GOODWE                   03 9918 3905    
  •  HUAWEI                        1800 040 039       
  •  JFY                                   1300 368 488       
  •  Latronics                   1300 550 204       
  •  SMA Australia          02 9491 4200      
  •  Sungrow                     1300 201 106       
  •  Zeversolar               1300 101 883   


In the event of an emergency, please follow the shutdown procedure below to turn off your solar system.


Roof Issues


We take pride in our solar installations and all installations are in accordance with Australian Standards. Be rest assured that solar installations will not cause any harm to your roof. However, should you experience any roof leakage or other roof issues, we will assist with the investigation of a roof leakage. We provide a 5 year workmanship warranty as we are certain that our solar installations are safe and reliable. Please refer to ABOUT US more information.

Electricity Bill Regarding Issues


If you have any questions about your energy bills, please check with your energy retailer.




Performance Guarantee

We guarantee that the energy output of your   Hybrid Solar Energy Australia PV solar system will meet or beat the Estimated Yield (Performance Guarantee). If it doesn’t do so you are entitled to compensation to put you in the position you would have been in if the output of the system had met the Performance Guarantee. In every circumstance and where possible Hybrid Solar Energy Australia will use best endeavors to install the Product to optimal orientation and exposure to direct sunlight. You are not entitled to a remedy when your solar system does not meet the Performance Guarantee due to something, you or someone else did or failed to do (excluding Hybrid Solar Energy Australia's agents or employees), or Beyond human control that happened after the system was installed at your premises.

In order to determine whether your solar system is working properly, it’s necessary to measure its performance.
Based on the Clean Energy Council Guidelines, systems in each capital around Australia should perform within at least 90% of these daily kWh outputs per kW installed, when averaged out over the course of a year:

Adelaide            4.2 kWh
Brisbane            4.2 kWh
Canberra            4.3 kWh
Darwin              4.4 kWh
Hobart               3.5 kWh
Melbourne         3.6 kWh
Perth                  4.4 kWh
Sydney              3.9 kWh

That means if you’ve got a 4kW system in Adelaide, you multiply 4.2 x 4 to work out your performance standard. Once you’ve had your system for at least a year, your inverter will be able to report your daily average. If you have any issues finding this information, your installer will be able to direct you.
That might seem straight forward enough, but for most of us who are sceptical about the performance of our solar panels, we want to know whether we’ve got a bad system fairly soon after installation, rather than having to wait for a whole year.
Those figures are averages across the year, which takes into account different seasons and different temperatures. But for when you want to check performance for a specific month of the year, for example, you’ll have to be more scrutinising. What if you installed your panels in winter, and know that they’re not performing at their peak? What if your system is west-facing, rather than the optimal north? All these factors come into play and need to be considered when you’re accurately assessing the performance of your system.

The good news is that there’s a handy tool for this, called PVWatts, developed by then National Renewable Energy Laboratory in America. Go to and type in your city location. Click the next arrow, and input the required figures based on your system.

DC Rating: size of your system in kW
Array tilt: if you don’t know, most Australian homes are between 18–22.
Array azimuth: north-facing is 0, east is 90, south is 180 and west is 270.
Then click ‘calculate’ and there you have a guide for what you should be seeing for every month of the year. If it’s been even less than a month, just divide your result by 30 and you’ll get a crude daily average.


Because they have no moving parts, solar modules are extremely reliable, with an expected life span of several decades. They are also self-cleaning and require very little in the way of maintenance. However, adhering to the following points will help keep your system as efficient as possible;


  • The inverter should always be kept clean and free of dust and moisture
  •  Keep an eye out for vegetation that may in future shade the solar panels
  •  Check the LED codes on the front of the inverter regularly as these indicate whether the solar system is working
  • An annual inspection & maintenance check of your system is recommended. Please contact us at 1300 809 064 or email us to arrange an inspection.


The owner of a system must NOT undertake maintenance of a system other than simple cleaning. If you believe the system requires maintenance or is not functioning, please contact us immediately.


1. System maintenance timetable: 
2. Once a week:
    1.Check inverter is operating.
    2. Check inverter is recording exported energy.
3. Every 3 months:
    1. Check for panel shading, as shading reduces performance.
    2. Check for tree litter behind panels and framing.
    3. Check for build-up of dust or bird droppings.
    4. Every year Professional system performance and maintenance check.


Any work on your system is required to be carried out by a licensed electrician to work on Solar Systems. Please note that your installation warranty is voided if work is carried out after installation by anyone other than our installation team, as we cannot be sure work has been carried out to our high standards.
The solar system must be shut down before commencing any electrical work or building works which may come in to contact with its electrical cables. All signage and warnings must be observed.


Cleaning your system


Generally, solar panels clean themselves during rainy weather. However, a layer of dust can form if there is a prolonged dry spell or in particularly dusty environments. This could reduce the amount of energy produced by the solar system. Your system output has been calculated to take account of this dust.
Do not climb on the roof to clean the solar panels, as you could fall if not correctly trained and equipped for the task. Use a qualified person to clean your solar panels.
Do not use any high-pressure cleaner or chemical cleaning product on the surface of the solar panels. The panels only require the use of plain water at mains pressure or less. Particular care must be taken to ensure all electric components, such as cables, connectors, generator junction boxes etc. remain dry.
Before cleaning the array, please follow the
SHUTDOWN PROCEDURE found on your inverter.



Complaints Process

At   Hybrid Solar Energy Australia . we strive to deliver the very best possible customer service. Even so, we know that it's not possible to get everything right all the time, no matter hard we try.
As a
Hybrid Solar Energy Australia customer, or another interested party, you have the right to raise a concern or make a complaint and if you do, we're committed to resolving it promptly, fairly and genuinely. always Remember that you also have access to the Energy & Water Ombudsman VIC (EWOV) which can provide assistant and independent advice. EWOV can be contacted on 1800 500 509 or
This policy sets out our approach to managing any complaints we receive. The policy is underpinned by our complaint management procedure, which comprises the systems and internal procedures supporting the implementation of the policy


What is a complaint?.


A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction that is made to Hybrid Solar Energy Australia in relation to our products and services, and where a response is explicitly or implicitly expected.
Complaints can be made by telephone, or in writing (email, letter).
Our commitment to quality
Our complaints handling procedure is reviewed regularly, so that we can ensure we have the right processes in place to address and resolve any concerns or complaints quickly and effectively. We routinely collect and analyse information in relation to complaints and use this data to improve the quality of our products and services, systems and policies


Charges .


There are no charges or fees associated with Hybrid Solar Energy Australia managing or resolving complaints.


Our commitment to you when dealing with your complaint


Hybrid Solar Energy Australia is committed to offering a simple, accessible way for you to raise a complaint with us. In response to any complaint, we will:
• Manage each complaint in an impartial and objective manner, with a view to a fair and reasonable outcome.
• Attempt to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible, aiming to resolve the complaint when it is initially raised with us.
• For complaints that are more complex in nature, we will investigate within a reasonable time frame. If this applies to your complaint, we will agree a deadline date to get back to you.
• Regularly keep you informed of any progress being made to solve your issue, via your preferred method of communication, until the matter is completely resolved.
• Acknowledge your complaint in writing. Our preferred method of communication is via email. If it is not possible for you to receive email from us, then we will make alternative arrangements with you.
• Keep a detailed record of the complaint, including the various steps taken to resolve it.
• If we receive your complaint in writing, we will acknowledge receipt of the complaint within 5 business days.
• Let you know the outcome of the complaint investigation, including the reason for decisions or actions regarding the outcome.
• Ensure we always display empathy and respect and our Energy Consultants are appropriately trained on the HSEA complaints procedure including documenting our processes.
• Handle all personal information in confidence and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
• Ensure you are aware of your rights regarding escalating your complaint within HSEA, or in the unlikely event of unsatisfactory resolution, to the Energy & Water Ombudsman of VIC (EWOV).
• Provide all information required by EWOV regarding a complaint.
• Monitor and review the complaints received from our customers on a regular basis in order to improve the quality of our products and services, systems and policies as well as to prevent situations from happening again and to ensure that we offer our customers an improved customer experience.


What to do if something goes wrong
At  HSEA, we have a simple three-step complaints process for you to follow if something has gone wrong:


Step 1: Let us know
Call us on 1300 809 064. We are available from 9.00am-5.00pm Monday to Friday except for public holidays.
Alternatively, you can put your problem in writing and email it to
You can also write to us at:

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia
6 Fryers Street
Shepparton VIC 3630
The sooner you let us know, the sooner we can resolve your problem. In order to address the issue quickly and effectively, please provide us with some basic information, including:
• your
Hybrid Solar Energy Australia  JOB NUMBER (if available) on the Right Corner of Your Sales Agreement
• your name and preferred contact details
• a description of your complaint
If for any reason, you need to move to step two, then this information is very helpful for us in keeping track of your original complaint as well as any subsequent steps taken to resolve it.


Step 2: Still not resolved? Escalate your complaint

If we have not been able to help you when you first contact us (either by phone, email or mail), or you’re not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you can escalate your complaint to

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia aims to resolve all written complaints promptly. All complaints will be acknowledged within five business days of submission together with an estimation of the time frame for resolving the complaint based on its complexity.

Step 3: Independent Ombudsman
We sincerely hope that we can resolve your problem and that you don’t have to use Step 3. But it’s important for you know how to access independent help if you reached the end of the Hybrid Solar Energy Australia complaints process and you’re still not happy with the resolution to your problem.
The Energy & Water Ombudsman VIC (EWOV) can be contacted on:
1800 500 509 or
You can also send your written complaints to below mention bodies:
Clean Energy Council
Phone: 03 9929 4100
Address: Level 15, 222 Exhibition Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Phone: 1300 302 502
Address: GPO Box 520, Melbourne VIC 3001
Consumers Affairs Victoria
Phone: 1300 558 181
Address: GPO Box 123, Melbourne VIC 3001









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