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Ground Mounted Solar

Ground mount solar PV has traditionally been installed on available land at an optimum angle and position to capture maximum light. However installing a system with modules mounted on single axis trackers, engineered to follow the trajectory of the sun, is now just as commercially viable. This technology increases efficiency by 15-20%. While rooftop solar arrays are often the most common choice for commercial solar customers, there are many reasons to consider a ground mounted solar system. Since ground mount systems generally cost about the same as a rooftop system, installing a ground-mount system is a great option if there are obstructions or limitations to installing solar panels on your roof.

When to consider a ground mount solar system:
✓ For large systems (over 100kW)
✓ You have sunny, exposed land
✓ For rural or regional areas
✓ You have limited roof space for desired system size
✓ Your roof is poorly oriented towards the sun or at an inappropriate angle
✓ There is shading on roof from trees, exhaust vents, or other buildings

Hybrid Solar Energy Australia  has expertise in installing ground mounted commercial solar systems in Australia.


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