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Battery Solutions

Tailored battery storage systems for homes and businesses

Do any of these statements describe you?

  • I would like to reduce my home or business power bills even further
  • I am interested in reducing my reliance on grid power or going off-grid
  • I am passionate about renewable energy and sustainable living
  • I live in a location where it is difficult to connect to the power grid
  • I am a business owner who would like to reduce my maximum grid power demand.


We design and install energy storage solutions for a range of scenarios, from homeowners who want to live more sustainably to business customers who need to reduce their maximum power demand.


The timing is right for energy storage

There has never been a better time than now to look at an energy storage system for your home or business. The cost of grid power is expected to keep rising along with increasing pressure for us to move away from carbon energy sources.The good news is that advances in technology, coupled with a thriving green energy sector, means that battery storage systems are more affordable and efficient than ever.

Battery storage makes sense

Many solar panel systems generate more power than the home or business uses during the day. Any excess energy is exported to the power grid in return for a credit on your power bill. This feed-in tariff is worth a few cents per kilowatt.
After dark, when your solar panels have stopped producing energy, you will need to buy power back from the grid at a rate of up to five times more than you sold it for! With a battery storage system, excess solar energy generated during the day can be stored and drawn down for night-time use. As you reduce your use of grid power, you also reduce your power bills! Book a free consultation with one of our solar experts and we’ll help you calculate how low your bills can go


Find the right energy storage system for your needs

Cost is not the only consideration when choosing a battery storage system. A tailored solution will factor in your daily and seasonal power consumption patterns, as well as your objectives. Nearly everyone is interested in reducing their power bills, but some are also looking for blackout protection or want to become more energy self-sufficient. All of these scenarios are possible with the right battery storage system. A free consultation with one of our solar experts is the best way to understand what systems are available and how they fit your needs.





Our Battery Products Range



Enphase have aimed to offer a product line that provides home owners with a Whole Home Energy Management system.  And now they have delivered. Their newly designed AC Powered Lithium Batteries is a world leading technology. Key design decisions make it very safe, as well as being modular so you can add to the batteries very easily if your needs change.



The Enphase AC Solar Power Batteries have performance statistics to match great chassis and flexible functionality.  It is designed to discharge to 95% depth of discharge which is a huge leap forward from lead acid and other battery technologies whose life would be drastically shortened if used to this depth of discharge. The high allowable depth of discharge is one of the key reasons why the Enphase AC Battery is so compact in size compared to other technologies. With a capacity of 1.2 kWh per unit, 96% round-trip efficiency and 2 cycles per day, this battery is a winner.




The Enphase ‘S’ model Envoy is the monitoring system available from Enphase. This system allows you to monitor your solar production, electricity consumption and battery charge and discharge all from your internet connected hand held smart phone or web browser on your PC.
As time passes, analysis of the monitoring system data can clearly identify your usage and production habits. This data will allow you to determine if additional storage would be of benefit to you as you will clearly see what electricity is being stored and what excess, if any, is being exported to the main electricity grid.




Policies like Net Metering and Feed-in Tariffs used to make it a good deal for homeowners to sell excess solar energy back to their utilities. With those incentives disappearing, many homeowners find it makes more financial sense to store their extra energy and use it themselves.




These batteries are built to last and prove it with the generous 10-year warranty offered by Enphase. Enphase is a public listed company in the United States which gives their customers confidence they will be around to see their warranties through.




The Enphase AC battery uses no high-voltage DC in the connections and interconnects with standard household AC wiring. Installation is as easy as it gets. Plug and play installation.









LG Chem Solar Batteries

For many years LG CHEM have been developing battery products for smart phones, electric scooters, electric cars and more. Now entering into the Solar Market with Its very first Solar PV Battery Solution. And We think It’s a Winner.

It was always going to be a natural progression for LG CHEM to transition into the Solar Power Storage market. They have released one of the very first Lithium Ion Technology Batteries available for residential use in Australia. The LG Chem Solar Battery saves home owners from being caught in a position of feeding their Solar Power back into the grid and receiving next to nothing for it.

When you are in need of a residential solar power battery, the LG Chem Solar Battery or EES (Energy Storage System) batteries may be exactly what you are looking for. Although LG Chem may have only launched their line of residential solar power batteries a few year ago, the company has a longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable, and dependable products, such as lithium-ion, automotive, and polymer batteries . The following offers an in-depth look at the company and their LG Chem Solar Battery, including how they work and the different size capacities available. It will give you an overview of the LG solar Power Battery range for both residential solar power batteries & commercial solar power batteries.

LG Chem History

Founded as a chemical company in 1947, LG Chem has worked diligently to become a global leader in battery technology. Since the company first emerged on the market with the LG Chem Solar battery, it has grown to employ more than 26,000 individuals in plants all over the world, including Poland, China, and Holland, MI. Currently, the company is touted as the number 1 battery ESS Company in the world.

LG Batteries are used everywhere already

Today, the company is the preferred provider of batteries in the automotive industry. Their batteries are used in all types of electric vehicles, including the Cadillac ELR, Ford Focus, Volvo S60L, Hyundai Sonata, and Kia Forte. They are also slated to be the exclusive provider of batteries for the Apple iPhone 9 when it is released next year. It’s also worth mentioning Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn has publicly stated that LG is the best battery maker in the business, although his own company was making similar batteries at the time.


How LG Chem Solar Power Batteries Work.

It is important to know that LG Chem worked for years to develop their residential solar batteries. A LG Chem solar battery is able to store excess energy generated by your rooftop LG solar panels for later use, such as after the sun has set or during a blackout. Essentially, when your panels produce more energy than your home can use, the LG Chem battery pack stores the electricity generated from your roof instead of sending it back to the electric grid. Later, when your solar panels can’t produce enough energy for your home, such as when it’s dark outside, the electricity stored in the solar battery can be used.
Overall, the batteries maximize a property’s consumption of solar energy and also act as a source of backup power if the solar grid were to go down. While the batteries do have backup power capabilities, they are not intended for off-the-grid living

LG Battery Sizing & Choices

Currently, there are two voltage options available with a total of five size capabilities to choose from. They include:
LG Chem RESU 48V 3.3 kWh, RESU 48V 6.5kWh, RESU 48V 10kWh, RESU 400V 7kWH, RESU 400V 9.8kWh
Both voltage options are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation and have been pre-matched with compatible inverters to make installation easier. All feature simplified inverter connections, which will reduce installation costs and time. LG Chem also have a 600V+ “Grid-scale” battery available for large capacity commercial systems. Each LG solar battery was awarded the ees Award in 2016. This award is given to products that are considered to be pioneering innovations of the energy storage industry.


LG Solar Battery 10 Year Warranty

One of the Key advantages with the LG Chem Lithium Ion Battery. Is it comes with a 6000 Cycle warranty @ 90% DOD ( Depth Of Discharge ) and a 10 year time warranty. The increased Depth Of Discharge means that we can now drain the battery a lot further without causing damage to the battery or wearing it out. Which provides you with a increased warranty. Keeping you protected for longer.


Expand Your Solar Batteries Over Time

Depending on your requirements, you can expand the LG Chem Solar Battery system with an extra RESU expansion packs. Adding additional Solar Power Storage for your home or business. You could theoretically add an extra 3.3kwh or 6.5kwh or 9.8kwh Battery to your existing Solar Battery installation. During the quoting process Commercial Utility solutions take great care getting to know your energy requirements both now and into the future. Particularly a good option for Commercial Solar Power Battery as your business may expand and have additional energy needs.


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